I have been playing a lot of Apex. It has most things I liked about PUBG. Respawn shared a tweet that said Apex had 50 million players in the first 4 weeks.

I think this is their winning formula:

60% PUBG – Armor system, guns (attachment, ammo, and gun tiers are very similar), the battle royale blueprint.

30% Titanfall – The movement, lore, engine, gun and item skins.

10% Overwatch – Class system and like Overwatch, everyone ignores them.

Usually in a class game like Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch if you pick a healer your job is to heal. In Apex your job is to shoot. Everyone’s job is to shoot.

Every legend can pick up the same guns and there are no OP abilities that can kill or heal everyone.

The guns each handle differently, the light guns can be aimed faster, the heavier rounds and guns fire faster and have better sights.

Each gun is somewhat useful but varied enough that finding a good gun early definitely made me go ‘aw ye’.

PUBG was the most recent game that gave me the feeling of making split-second decisions that pay off . Apex retains this feeling especially on hot drops.

There are some technical problems with this game causing me to crash every 3rd or 4th match. It’s a testament to the game that I keep playing.

Apex Legends