I have been playing a lot of Apex. It has most things I liked about PUBG. Respawn shared a tweet that said Apex had 50 million players in the first 4 weeks. I think this is their winning formula: 60% PUBG – Armor system, guns (attachment, ammo, and gun tiers are very similar), the battle […]

This game seems made to play windowed on your desktop like solitaire, or handheld if you have a Switch. There’s only a single ‘board’ to look at, you control mechs and the computer controls Veks. The Veks are slow and telegraph their attacks, so it’s traditional turn based strategy but you have some foresight. Shooting […]

In Return of the Obra Dinn, you play as a ‘forensic insurance adjuster’. Your job is to find out what happened aboard the Obra┬áDinn. This game is a total trip – through learning the fates of the characters, their ordeal creep into your consciousness as you play. The game trances you into its world, as […]

I have a friend named Spasticmoose who is what I call a trashman. He is an adventurous person playing games no one (me) has heard of, usually early access titles that seem bad or incomplete, and looks like trash. Sometimes I ask him to stream so I can see what they’re about. I found out […]

Everyone loves Fallout: New Vegas and I do too. I completed the base game twice. The story, rpg-ness, and real open world freedom is why people love New Vegas, but I love it because filling a house with things you stole is extremely fun. Looting then using appropriate containers in your house to store and […]

Before I played this game I thought it was going to be a GTA ripoff set in Japan, where you do embarrassing side missions involving hostesses. Well it’s not GTA. Yakuza is a JRPG. Except instead of fighting by using menus, you fight by using fighting. You also do embarrassing side missions involving hostesses. I […]