Into The Breach

This game seems made to play windowed on your desktop like solitaire, or handheld if you have a Switch.

There’s only a single ‘board’ to look at, you control mechs and the computer controls Veks. The Veks are slow and telegraph their attacks, so it’s traditional turn based strategy but you have some foresight.

Shooting a Vek cause damage but also pushes them, there are buildings and tiles to protect on maps.

You have units that push or pull theirs, so you can nudge them into hitting each other or the obstacles.

It plays out like a puzzle game, where you work backwards from the most troublesome piece and figure out how to deal with him within your turn.

The problem is since it’s a backwards puzzle, there’s only a few optimal ways to ‘solve’ each situation, so you can’t really ‘play the style you want’.

The boards are randomized and sets of different mechs can be unlocked, and that’s good because when you’re more used to it the game moves fast.

I love the music from this game, I listen to it and it improves my morale. I can imagine being the developers and hearing this music for the first time, it’s a perfect match.

I play this game a lot when I just want a quick fix, and it usually turns into a way longer time.

Into The Breach (2018 PC)