Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

I have a friend named Spasticmoose who is what I call a trashman. He is an adventurous person playing games no one (me) has heard of, usually early access titles that seem bad or incomplete, and looks like trash.

Sometimes I ask him to stream so I can see what they’re about. I found out about Stardew Valley this way and since then I learned some trash were valuable.

I saw him playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG) for days at a time before the game took off. I was curious and asked to check out his stream.

Immediately I saw clipping, textures not loading, the UI looked like it wasn’t meant to be understood. The models looked like default assets, the player desynced often, there was nothing going for it.

After watching a few matches I bought the piece of crap and joined him.

The advantage of an early access title like this is they can do what they want. They can release and test new ideas, even if they don’t work perfectly. I think this created dynamics in this game that you can’t plan.

The PUBG idea is throwing 100 players onto a single(big) map, with guns strewn about, you can choose where to drop.(Spasticmoose taught me to drop hot or go home).

Somehow this game is more like playing a simulation of a soldier, instead of playing a soldier directly.

There are bullet drops to account for, scopes to fit, ammo sizes to deal with and even laying prone feels more like a simulation than an action game.

In a full match you’re barely shooting. Besides the first hot drop (if you win), there is a lot of walking and running and hearing noises while you stalk and get stalked.

It lends itself to just chatting during the lull, which is always capped off by maybe a minute of adrenaline-filled shooting.

When you play the server is barely keeping up, the framerates are bad, but you really are on a gigantic map with 100 people and it feels like it because it is.

Equipment have wear, you have to bandage your wounds. healing takes time, long-range shooting is hard.

You can play hiding and collecting, or being Rambo and take other player’s stuff. It depends on the situation but you have to do both and also loot super fast in between, mostly because you’re scared someone will come up on you at any time.

My first chicken dinner was with Spasticmoose. Thanks for the carry and showing me the game trashman.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PC, 2017)