Fallout: New Vegas, Old DLC

Everyone loves Fallout: New Vegas and I do too. I completed the base game twice.

The story, rpg-ness, and real open world freedom is why people love New Vegas, but I love it because filling a house with things you stole is extremely fun.

Looting then using appropriate containers in your house to store and organize is my jam. Guns in the gun locker, drinks in the fridge, outfits in the wardrobe.

Managing inventory feels very pleasing. The pip-boy makes all the right noises as you flip through its screens. The text menu is simple and great to use.

This makes the game immersive for odd reasons, it’s a feeling of setting up shop in the wasteland.

The graphics are bad, but instead of going ‘these graphics look nice’, you can actually see what they want you to see.

I have sat on the these ‘add-ons’ (officially named before the term DLC was commonplace), but I recently played some newer games and they made crave something older.

Being able to save anywhere, anytime, during a fight, during a cut scene, so you can try different ways to do something is a freedom and a glimpse into the inner workings many new games are missing.

The 4 add-ons:

Honest Hearts: Whimsical story about new-age natives after a techno reset. It’s completely brown.

Dead Money: More serious and somber. This played like an extended dungeon and they take away your equipment so you are forced to use new stuff.

Lonesome Road: Looked the most Fallout-ish, but played like a proto-era campaign mode for an fps game.

Old World Blues: Funny robots and retro-future ray guns. Has one of the most hilarious guns to use (The Sonic Emitter).

When I play older games sometimes I doubt the game’s ability to understand what I’m trying to do, New Vegas understands and constantly surprises me.

A fun game has me planning a replay and this is one of them. After playing the last DLC I went to finishing off missions from the base game, and was surprised to find the bodies of Legion where they died 100 hours ago, I could still loot them and take their stuff to my house. Now that’s a RPG.

Fallout: New Vegas add-ons

Honest Hearts (2010 pc) 75/100

Dead Money (2010 pc) 81/100

Lonesome Road (2011 pc) 84/100

Old World Blues (2011 pc) 77/100