Return of the Obra Dinn

In Return of the Obra Dinn, you play as a ‘forensic insurance adjuster’. Your job is to find out what happened aboard the Obra Dinn.

This game is a total trip – through learning the fates of the characters, their ordeal creep into your consciousness as you play.

The game trances you into its world, as you piece together the mystery you really have to ‘put yourself in their shoes’.

Finding out how the game works is as much fun as solving the mystery. The game does a better job of explaining it than me.

Stop reading this and play it.

You have a stopwatch that lets you tap into a corpse and see their moment of death, and you can explore this frozen moment.

Corpses and tracks are found as you explore the ship so events are seen as you find them. They skip around chapters like Pulp Fiction and also go backwards in time.

Watching these moments unfold, you start a game of Guess Who, matching faces, clothes, deducing who was where at what point in time.

Who was the guy that was shot? where was he in the previous scene? what was he up to?

Seeing from different points of view and time, you begin to piecing together the events.

The graphics that I initially thought was gimmicky, is actually part of the presentation. They slowly get more detailed as you discover people present at more and more scenes.

Your interpretation of the events clear up in your mind as well as graphically. You learn to hold the fates and memories of some 60 odd souls as if it was your own, and this is the most magical part about the game.

Lucas Pope designed, wrote and programmed this game by himself. Many times when I was stuck and found a new clue I thought, how the heck did he know to plan it this way?

This is a genius game created by a madman.

Return of the Obra Dinn (2018 PC)